Alabama Secretary of State Corporation & Business Entity Search

Alabama Secretary of StateAn important service that the Alabama Secretary of State provides for the people is the Business Entity Search for all the businesses for the state. This search allows people access to the public information on every single business that is doing business within the state of Alabama, from corporations all the way down to small businesses in their local towns.

There is a plethora of different business types that people are able to search on Alabama SOS business entity records:

  • Corporations
  • Cooperatives
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Limited Company

Alabama Business Entity Search

Alabama Business Entity & Corporation SearchOn top of all the different types of companies that one can search for with the Secretary of State Alabama business search, there are also multiple ways someone can search for an individual entity. One can search based on:


Entity Name

  • Step 1

You can search for the business in Alabama by entity name here.

Alabama Business Entity Search By Name

  • Step 2

Enter the business entity name, for example, Sparks Energy, into the designated field and click search.

Alabama Business Entity Sparks Energy Search

  • Step 3

Once you do Step 2, your results for Sparks Energy will appear and then choose the specific business that you were searching for.

Alabama Business Entity Name Search Results

  • Step 4

Then, a list of public information on that entity name will appear for you.

Alabama Business Entity Sparks Energy Records

Alabama Business Entity ID Search

Alabama Business Entity ID SearchIn order to search by entity ID, you must know the ID number first. Enter the ID number into the predesignated field and click search. This will bring up the information pertaining to the specific business that has been assigned that ID number. For Example enter id 281-403 into the designated field and click search, you will get results for Sparks Energy.

Alabama Corporation Search By Officer, Agent, or Incorporator Name

Alabama Corporation Search By Officer, Agent, or Incorporator NameThis is the url to search for a business by the incorporator, agent, or officer.This search is conducted based on the corporate officer or registered agent that filed the paperwork for that business. For this search, you must enter the person’s name and the type of officer they are in relation to the business in the designated field of search. For example, to search for Sparks Energy you would enter the name Ottis J. Sparks into the designated field. You may, also, need to enter the county in which the business was formed. After this information is entered, click search and browse the given information for the business you are looking for.

Reservation ID

Al Corporation Reservation ID SearchThis link is where you would go to search based on the reservation by ID. In Alabama, if you reserved a name or other reservation filing, you can search the business entity search based on this ID number. Simply, enter the reservation ID number for the Alabama business entity you are looking for and click search.


Al SOS Business Entity Search By DateTo do the search by date, follow this link. You can search a business based on a specific registration date. Click on the date box and select the date you are looking for on the calendar. For example, Sparks Energy was incorporated on 4/29/13, so chose this date and click search. Then browse your search results for the business you are searching for.

Month and Year

Business Entity Search By Month And YearA general time frame search can be conducted with ease. You have the option to search businesses that were registered within a certain period of time. Enter the month and year of the time period that you are looking for, and click search. This will give you a list of businesses registered during that period of time, just find the specific business that you are looking for.

Alabama Secretary of State History

The Alabama Secretary of State served the territory of Alabama before it became a state.This office has been serving the territory beginning in 1818 and Alabama became a state in 1819. The current Secretary of State for the state of Alabama is Republican John Merrill from Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. The Alabama Secretary of State is an elected position that serves the people of Alabama with the usual four-year term and cannot serve more than two consecutive terms. The Secretary of State is, just that, a secretary for the state. The Secretary of State of Alabama manages as many as some 1000 different duties that serve the people. Most of the duties have to do with the processing, filing, and maintenance of public records for the state.

Alabama Secretary of State Function

There are an estimated 500,000 different documents that are managed by the Alabama Secretary of State. In order to manage all these different documents, and all that paperwork, the office is divided into 4 different sections that offer different services. The 4 different sections are: Government records, Election Services, Administrative services, and Business services. Each section helps to manage the mountain of documents necessary to keep detailed records for the functioning of the state. Here is some of the responsibilities of the various sections of the office (whose duties are too numerous to name in whole).

Government Records

This section of the office manages, just as it asserts, the government records. It manages the Constitution for the State of Alabama, proposed amendments for the Constitution, existing and pending legislative acts, and paperwork that pertains to all the counties, cities, town, and every municipality in between.

Elections Services

This section oversees all the elections throughout the state, bottom to top. The Alabama Secretary of State is the “Chief Election Official” that oversees and manages the states’ various elections. The numerous election duties of the office include; counting and managing the vote totals, creating the certified ballots for voters, recording/keeping records of all the money that political committees and candidates raise and/or spend during a campaign/election process. The office also grants and documents the elected officials’ certificates of election and all commissions and oaths of office that the elected officials take upon being elected.

Administrative Section

This is another section to manage the administrative paperwork of the state. This section handles a wide range of different documents including; writs of arrest, legal contracts, deeds, list of abandoned vehicles found throughout the state, information on municipal corporations, and lists of all the notaries of public throughout the state.

Business Records

This section is also quite extensive, extensive enough that it is broken down into two different sections to help keep things organized.

  • Uniform Commercial Code

This section manages all of the financial statements that are filed by all the banks and attorneys throughout the state of Alabama.

  • Business Services

This section of the office manages all of the record keeping and licensing of all of the businesses throughout the state of Alabama. They manage all of the legal paperwork of all the businesses that reside in Alabama. They also handle the daily information requests on information about those businesses.

The Alabama Secretary of State is an elected position that is there to serve the people. This Alabama business entity search is just one of the great public services that the Secretary of State manages for its’ citizens. Among this search they manage all the public information that anyone may want to access. It allows the public to identify the top businesses in the state of Alabama.

Top 5 Businesses in Alabama That Can Be Found Through the Business Entity Search

Sparks Energy

Sparks Energy is an energy company that was founded in 2013. Their headquarters is located in Danville, Alabama. They are a company that offers a wide range of services for their customers. They handle everything from utility construction to the maintenance. They have the expertise to handle overhead and underground energy distribution and maintenance, transmission, substation and R.O.W operations, and storm restoration services.

Fulcrum Construction Group

Fulcrum Construction Group is a commercial construction company whose headquarters is located in Daphne, Alabama. Fulcrum construction handles every phase of commercial construction from planning, design, building, and maintenance after the building is complete. Fulcrum handles major construction all over the country.

R2C Support Services

This company, located in Huntsville, Alabama, offers support services to our armed forces all over the world. They carry contracts with major federal, state, and local government agencies. They work with agencies such as the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. They handle such needs as project management, mechanical support, logistics and logistics support, and materials management.

Mission Driven Research

Mission Driven Research is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama and was founded in 2011. This company focuses on military support in the form of technical services for the United States government. They are engineers and software developers that support such agencies as the Missile Defense Agency. They are also looking to expand their reach into working with other federal agencies and commercial businesses.

This company recently changed their name to VIC.Pharmacy because they now offer a licensed pharmacy division. They’re located in Union Grove, Alabama. This company handles everything a pet owner needs including food and treats, vitamins, prescriptions, supplies, flea and tick solutions, and skin and coat products.